NovoPen 4

NovoPen 4
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NovoPen 4 is the world’s most used durable pen device; refined and updated through more than 25 years of experience with millions of people with diabetes worldwide.
Quick and simple to use:
• Easy to set, easy to read, easy to inject

Robust  design:
• Accurate insulin delivery and low dose force

Reassuring dose delivery:
• Audible end-of-dose click to increase confidence

Patient holding NovoPen 4:
Comes in two colours and choice of different skins

Learn more about NovoPen 4:
The Penfill cartridges are quick and simple to change; End-of-dose click; Comes in two colours and a choice of fun skins; Easy to set and easy to read dose-display; Easy-to-use dial; Easily correct a dose by simply turning the dial
the other way; Clicks when dialling up and down; Dial will not select more units than what is left
in the cartridge;Robust design that is built to last up to 5 years.

NovoPen 4 is compatible with Novo Nordisk insulins in Penfill® cartridges, and most needles including - NovoTwist®, NovoFine®, NovoFine® Plus and NovoFine® Autocover®.

Caring for your NovoPen 4:
Your NovoPen4 is tough but could still get damaged, so handle it with care and protect it against dust and dirt when it is not in its case. Read more to find out how to look after your durable pen in the best way.

How to inject with NovoPen 4:
For full instructions on how to use your NovoPen® 4, read the Instructions for Use that came with your pen.

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